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openlygr8ful's Comments

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Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Commented Jul 12, 2013 at 23:30:27 in Religion

“That you're so 'disturbed' by my lack of concern for what YOU value is sad.

We are residents of one city in San Diego county, CA. What works in our schools within our city might not work for schools within in your community, your city, your state, the rest of the US or the world.

Like the rest of the parents in Encinitas who previously knew the futility of trying to explain our side of this issue, I now come to the conclusion that I also have better things to do. So I'll stop responding to your posts now and whatever else you write will fall on deaf ears.
We value happy, calm, balanced kids.

I will wish you the best as you judge what's right for us and hope you have lots of throat lozenges as you continue to shout against the wind.”
Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Commented Jul 12, 2013 at 19:22:30 in Religion

“And my concern is that our kids ARE benefitting from the exercise and I'm glad to have the grant no matter who it came from.

This is a circular conversation that isn't going to dissuade or change my thinking. You're putting so much energy in stating what "should" be done and attempting to instill fear into what's a positive experience. You think you're right, that's your opinion.

I live here and see how my kids are doing just fine. I have seen the benefits of calmer kids.”

DIridescent on Jul 12, 2013 at 20:47:41

“Not to take the question of separation of church and state seriously undermines the efforts of advocates who have to deal with unconstitutional advocacy of Christianity, Islam, Scientology or any other religion in schools or other public institutions--- far more prevalent a problem than just Yogic exercises.

It's about more than Yoga. There are principles of governance here to consider.”

DIridescent on Jul 12, 2013 at 20:37:40

“I don't think you understand what I'm saying at all, actually. I'm not fear-mongering. I happen to think Yoga is great for the most part. It's a non-aggressive, non-evangelical spiritualism that is usually very accommodating and inclusive of other faiths, and even atheism. I have no issue with it as far as religious beliefs and practices go. And I have no doubt that practicing Yoga is largely a positive experience for the kids and for the families of these kids.

The thing is, that's all irrelevant to the church and state issue, which is also very important to me. So important, in fact, that I think that it takes precedent. Why? Because not having Yoga in public schools doesn't prevent people from having access to it any more than not have bible studies prevents people from having access to church or community Christian services. 

It's a governance issue for me, among other things.

For you, apparently, the governance issue doesn't matter.

And I have to add, the fact that it doesn't matter to you disturbs me. I feel that as citizens we have a certain responsibility to understand and protect the constitutional principles that preserve our liberties. At least to a minimum extent.”
Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Commented Jul 12, 2013 at 17:01:50 in Religion

“The judge already made a ruling -
The kids are NOT learning a religion. They're learning exercise.

Again I say if you don't know the area, its background and history and making a judgment then that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Have you personally seen what exercises the kids are doing? The instructor guides them through their exercises and then there's a rest period

A generous grant was offered to the elementary schools of Encinitas and the majority of parents WELCOME this gift, yes there are parents here who already practice Yoga.
Believe it or not kids DO get stressed out from school - Exercise is an answer.

Much has already been cut out of the school's budgets. Yet with the grant, our kids will be able to benefit from it and refer back to the exercises as they grow older. They will have learned the tools within to stop, then pause before reacting impulsively without thinking as many kids often do.
This combined effort for exercise in Encinitas schools may not solve any world problems but just might prevent any further ones from arising.

It sounds like you need to reduce your caffeine habit, get off your high horse and relax! It was just an article.”

DIridescent on Jul 12, 2013 at 17:35:11

“With all due respect, nearly all of your points are irrelevant to constitutional issue of separation of church state, which is my primary concern here. Ad hominem attacks about my being up-tight are also irrelevant. If you have retorts to my specific points, feel free to offer them. I would be happy to read what you have to say.

I happen to think the principle of separation of church and state is a very important one that people are shrugging off with niceties because Yoga happens to be friendly in the area, and because it's a non-confrontational, generally non-evangelical practice. 

The fact that a generous grant was offered to the school should in fact be a cause for concern, not celebration.  The judge shared this concern, in fact. 

The grant is being offered and organized by advocates for Ashtanga Yoga, and the university group they partnered with has as part of it's mission statement the intention of reintroducing spirituality into American Yoga practices. 

Now, this does not mean I think there is a conspiracy or that the intention is to teach religion, etc. I do not think that is the intention. 

But I do believe the intention is to promote Yoga, and that those who are promoting it have an interest in Yoga as a religion, not merely as an exercise. And I do believe that at the very least this is a grey area that merits vigilance, not lazy niceties. 

My concern is that people are diluting the extremely important issue”
Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Yoga Not Teaching Religion In Encinitas Schools, California Judge Rules, Appeal Expected

Commented Jul 5, 2013 at 11:35:14 in Religion

“Its interesting to see how people unfamiliar with the lawsuit or the city of Encinitas are quick to make decisions and rail against 'a grant intended to benefit the kids'

Yoga studios have been here for decades, they were inspired by SRF temple which was built in the 1930's or so. SRF was one of the first places that introduced Yoga and meditation to the U.S. The city grew around the temple. Were the Sedlocks blind not to notice this reality before they moved in to Encinitas?
This is another case of newbies moving in and wanting the whole community adjust our long held beliefs in order to fit standards of how they think we should be.
School is about learning new things and subjects. The Sedlock parents are teaching their kids ignorance

Encinitas kids aren't having 30 minutes of mystical experiences into another realm. Saying its actual Yoga is the same as saying Taco Bell tacos are authentically Mexican. The 'exercise' taught are basic movements and breathing exercises. Period- end of story.
They're learning valuable coping skills they'll need as they grow up. Has anyone asked for the opinion of the Sedlock kids? How embarrassed are they that they're the odd ones out?”

DIridescent on Jul 9, 2013 at 17:02:04

“1. It's irrelevant whether Yoga studios or the SRF temple are important part of Encinitas history and culture or not. What's relevant is whether or not teaching Ashtanga Yoga is advocating for religious views. The constitutional principle of separation of church and state is about governance, not cultural diversity.

2. It's irrelevant whether the suing family is ignorant of this culture, hostile toward it, or hypocritical. They probably are. But the constitutional principle of separation of church and state protects them as much as it does non-Christians.

3. Determining whether it's "actual" Yoga by arbitrary cultural/religious standards is only partially relevant. We should be asking: "Is Ashtanga Yoga a religion?", and "Does teaching it this way constitute promotion of Ashtanga Yoga?" Those aren't questions your Taco Bell analogy, or "exercise" definition, answer.

4. Whether it's exercise or not is irrelevant. There's nothing to say exercise can't be religious. Most religious practices involve actions that by themselves are in no way religious. But put them in context or add the right framework of beliefs, and acts of singing or chanting, kneeling with a bowed head, or even body positions and breathing, can most certainly become religious.

What confounds me is the degree of certainty among so many Yoga practitioners that in this particular case Yoga is not a religion. But ask Yoga communities in Boston, or Connecticut, or New York, or Washington, or Missouri and we hear the exact opposite argument with equal certainty.”