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'Mike & Molly' Creator Mark Roberts FIRES BACK At Marie Claire Blogger Maura Kelly

Commented Oct 28, 2010 at 13:12:44 in Style

“We're all on the same page that this is a FASHION magazine writing an article about fat people, right? So what's with the surprise? Is it the harsh language or the obviousness of it? Fashion magazines have never told women to love their bodies, especially obese women. How many sales would this magazine make if a size 14 woman was on the cover? None.

And let's not gloss over the fact the main characters met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, so they weren't happy about their weight either.

Sure everyone deserves to be loved exactly the way they are, but if you want to sit at the popular table with the thin girls, don't be surprised when they lash out from low blood sugar.”

lakat on Oct 28, 2010 at 14:26:21

“Society sets the norms of the day on all sorts of issues. We as a group say what is acceptable behavior and what will get you shunned or at least shamed. We want to keep it unacceptable to use racial slurs and we want to ensure that people know that if you steal or hurt people, you are likely to be shunned from your group. It's a way to keep us civilized and ordered without using the legal system.

If we ignore fashion magazines when they say things that shouldn't be okay, we are complicit and we are saying it's acceptable to devalue a group of people, and it's not. We must speak out to keep the standards of behavior civil and healthy.

While we are at it, deformed people should be able to be out in public and not treated like outcasts. Do you ever wonder why you see so few deformed people? They stay home because we have made them feel like they are not wanted and we are offended by haviing to see them. We need to change this.”

michiganms on Oct 28, 2010 at 13:19:02

“High school is far behind most of us and even when I was in high school and not overweight, I did not want to sit at the "popular table" with the thin vapid girls. Let's teach our children that acceptance is much more important than superficiality”
Suicide Surge: Schools Confront Anti-Gay Bullying

Suicide Surge: Schools Confront Anti-Gay Bullying

Commented Oct 10, 2010 at 23:01:23 in Education

“This article could be more appropriately be titled, "Despite Suicide Surge: Schools Neglect to Confront Anti-Gay Bullying"”