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Voting Rights Act Section 4 Struck Down By Supreme Court

Voting Rights Act Section 4 Struck Down By Supreme Court

Commented Jun 25, 2013 at 20:20:11 in Politics

“I doubt the voters in Maryland or California would want anyone looking at their voting districts. Even the League of Women Voters complained about the recent gerrymandering in totally Democratic Maryland. All designed to keep any Republicans at all from being elected to Congress. 'Course, can't imagine why any Republican would want to live in Maryland...”
Voting Rights Act Section 4 Struck Down By Supreme Court

Voting Rights Act Section 4 Struck Down By Supreme Court

Commented Jun 25, 2013 at 20:16:54 in Politics

“So, you know for a fact that there has been absolutely zero progress in voter suppression since the 1960s in a certain small number of states. No progress whatsoever. Oh, and all the rest of the states don't need special federal scrutiny because they are clean as a whistle. The first part doesn't say much for enforcement or progress -- decades of federal oversight lead to no improvement. The second seems a bit of a stretch. No voting-related problems in Chicago, or New York, or Pennsylvania. Just in Alaska and some southern states.”

Linda Nicola on Jun 25, 2013 at 20:18:40

“You make no sense.”
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SWAT Raids, Stun Guns, And Pepper Spray: Why The Government Is Ramping Up The Use Of Force

Commented Dec 10, 2011 at 18:58:04 in Politics

“The inevitable consequence of the police being militarized like this is that the public will increasingly come to see the police as a force to fear and loath, not to respect. I live in Northern Virginia, where a SWAT team member "accidentally" shot that CPA while delivering a warrant for some cheesy beef about gambling on sports games. Why are SWAT teams delivering warrants in the peaceful suburbs? And, the idea that one could "accidentally" shoot someone delivering a warrant in a completely benign environment is, frankly, absurd and a testament to the arrogance of the police and the stupidity of the public. I grew up with guns and served in the military. How does a highly trained SWAT team member "accidentally" have his finger on the trigger? You only have your finger on the trigger when expecting someone to use deadly force. There is no other excuse. Ever.

What I heard from the local DAs, police officials, and police union representatives about this shooting and the one in Maryland where cops simply popped a mayor's dogs "just for the hell of it" was blather, arrogance, and the calm assurance that no one will question their smug lies as to why they have to run around with guns drawn, fingers on the trigger, and treating the public as if they are insurgents in Iraq. Shameful, but as Mr. Balko points out, the public support this. As do both the mainstream political parties do.”