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What Obama's Approach to Hispanic Issues Says About His Leadership

Commented May 4, 2009 at 06:39:40 in Politics

“As an immigrant myself, hough not from Latin America, I would like to point out, that Americas immigration laws are quite a mess. I have been there and I can only imagine what it takes for a poor Mexican to achieve legal immigration.

For all the people yelling: "obey the law!", I can only say: "Read the law".

First you will only find confusing information and second, after you found your way through everything, you will find out that it is virtually impossible for a Mexican to immigrate legally (except he is hired by a us company and they are willing to sponsor him, which is quite expensive and time consuming).

I would really like to see an immigration reform, that enables Mexicans to immigrate legally. What I do oppose is the path to citizenship. Amnesty does not necessarily imply that you have to give someone the right to citizenship, there are other possibilities to give illegal immigrants the right to life and work in the US.”