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robeturbinado's Comments

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Sigg Says Sorry, Patagonia Dumps Sigg

Sigg Says Sorry, Patagonia Dumps Sigg

Commented Sep 10, 2009 at 22:46:43 in Green

“nice marketing mankovitz!! just can't wait til your invention finally gives the world what it has been waiting for! more plastic crap!!”
Hot Water: How SIGG Lost My Trust (And Kind of Broke My Heart)

Hot Water: How SIGG Lost My Trust (And Kind of Broke My Heart)

Commented Sep 4, 2009 at 14:39:18 in Green

“The only way Sigg gets outta this mess is to fire or otherwise remove Wasick from his leadership post, then put all the blame on him and sink a couple million bucks into their new improved greenwashing campaign that will somehow once again trick green "experts" to promote aluminum and plastic as great healthy green products. everyone with a focused mind realizes that both aluminum and plastic (ANY plastic, even so-called "bpa-free" plastic, and yes even so-called bio-plastics) are not meant to be drank or eaten out of. A simple look at the low cost of producing these materials = ridiculously high profits, and the outrageous financial and political power of the petrochemical lobby are the true and obvious driving factors to these deceptive greedy corporate profits over human health products. It's wake-up time! Don't be once again bowled over with the corporate deception of greenwashers like sigg or nalgene (triton plastics the new safe polycarbonate...C'mon now, please get a grip on reality..) how bout checking in with Patricia Hunt, or Theo Colburn, or Fred Vom Saal... the real experts in this realm.”
Why I'll Swig From My Sigg No More

Why I'll Swig From My Sigg No More

Commented Aug 29, 2009 at 14:55:43 in Green

“mr wasick,

you make me way sick! still relying on the greenwashed consumer... sad part is, you'll probably survive, but not if themarket wakes up to your deception, lies, and hazardous product! no combination of aluminum and any polymer results in a safe drinking bottle. period.

your post above says all sigg bottles are made in switz... another boldfaced lie , sigg stainless steel waterbottle (in which the longevity of your company probably rests) are made in china. that is spelled c-h-i-n-a, for those interested. I, personally, don't have a big problem with china, so long as actual transparency exists in a company. what bothers me is your company sigg's need to flat out lie about it.

i wonder how many of your business leadership techniques come from your days with naya bottled water , prior to your bigtime at sigg? well, looks like that industry is on the decline as well. maybe you should retire and capture the big severancy package you so well deserved for greenwashing the company to where it is today. you and your company sigg deserve boycott and class action lawsuit on behalf especially of all pregnant moms and babies you disgustingly swindled into buying your products for the "greenmarketed safety" they provided, Way-sick!”