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Obama Offshore Drilling Moratorium: Administration Issues New Rule

Obama Offshore Drilling Moratorium: Administration Issues New Rule

Commented Jul 16, 2010 at 13:39:54 in Green

“If you apply this same extremely high (unreachable?) standard to all US Government regulations and laws, automakers, airlines, and all other business owners, then I could agree with you. But you aren't as you know it would bring the USA to a complete standstill.

It is clear that one company or at least one company rep, made some very bad decisions, ignored multiple industry standards that could/would have prevented the blowout. As such why is a "mass punishment" of other people in the same industry either smart or reasonable?

While the spill is harmful, it was an accident. The moratorium is an intentional harm to the economy and "innocent" bystanders. It was a political rather than a safety or environmental protection decision. It needs to end immediately for everyone today.”