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Michael Smeriglio Accidentally Shoots Own Penis, Testicle; Friend Arrested On Drug Charge

Michael Smeriglio Accidentally Shoots Own Penis, Testicle; Friend Arrested On Drug Charge

Commented Sep 11, 2012 at 12:42:57 in Weird News

“Always a great idea to clean a loaded gun.”

Josh Jansen on Sep 11, 2012 at 13:36:16

“Impossible to properly clean the barrel or the chamber while it's loaded and ready to fire (as it clearly was). The dude was obviously just stroking it, maybe with a rag, maybe just feeling it up like some kind of psychopath.”
Iran Nuclear Physicist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Killed By Bomb

Iran Nuclear Physicist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Killed By Bomb

Commented Jan 12, 2010 at 16:11:17 in World

“Not surprising that Iran would try to blame the U.S. and the C.I.A. for the death of the nuclear physicist. They seem comfortable to ignore the fact that the professor was anti-government in his views and backed the opposition candidate in last June's elections. Seems like a fairly strong home-grown motive right there.”

fifteen pounds on Jan 12, 2010 at 16:17:56

“On the pother hand, Israel always seems to benefit beyond coincidence after such acts...there is a very long record of such violent acts and, lo and behold, Israel is never, ever involved, even though they and our own CIA has openly boasted of sponsoring covert actions in Iran and elsewhere...Wasn't it Israel that created Hamas to do this type of work in the West Bank and Jordan?”
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Ignoring Iraq: Why Has it Become the Forgotten Issue of the '08 Race?

Commented Jan 16, 2008 at 00:26:01 in Politics

“It's little wonder that they would rather not talk about Iraq, with so much flip flopping in their track records. I do not think we are missing that much anyway. Afterall, should we fall hook, line and sinker for a line like: "read my lips, no more wars"”

riverhouse on Jan 16, 2008 at 08:29:26

“Barack Obama was the only candidate with the good judgment to be against the war from the beginning. Edwards and Clinton voted to invade. After the nation was knee deep in the Big Muddy, the administration and hawks in Congress constructed funding bills that made it impossible to vote no because the safety of the troops was fixed to the spending bills.
And if the economy is surging as an issue, then we should end the war in Iraq and cure our economy. We couldn't afford guns and butter during the Vietnam era and we can't afford it now. We've given our entire purse over to the nonsensical occupation of Iraq and we need to end that folly.
Bill Clinton's presidency had a great deal to do with our troubles today, given his deregulation of media and financial instutuions and his love for NAFTA.”
Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Commented Jan 7, 2008 at 13:04:24 in Politics

“The question that now needs to be asked is; how many more facilities such as this around the country is being "protected" by sleeping guards? When one considers that over 80% of this country's critical infrastructures are being secured by the private sector, one wonders how many of these companies are as willing to look the other way as they apparently did at Wackenhut. It is also time, quite obviously, for some serious insight and auditing of nuclear facilities such as this. It is unfathomable why Exelon would go along with the cover-up. If anything, their reaction should have been quite the opposite -they should have been horrified to learn that security guards were not doing their job in a professional and responsible manner.”
Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Commented Jan 5, 2008 at 23:25:15 in Politics

“If I am not mistaken, whistle-blowers are entitled to a large "finder's fee" type of reward. Some have been known to have received several millions from reporting fraud involving large Govt. contracts.
As far as Mr. Beal never working in security again, as the owner of a security company myself, I can tell you that not only would I hire him without hesitation, I would make him a supervisor with spot-checking responsibilities. If Mr. Beal wants to read my blog with regard to his case, he'll find it on;”
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Vulnerability and the Female Campaign Worker

Commented Dec 4, 2007 at 01:19:15 in Politics

I could not agree more. These women who are out there "pounding the pavements" are getting the job done and not likely to sit back and "second guess" every door they knock on or person they approach. However, it is vital that they should listen to their intuition and it is my experience that women are far more likely to listen to that inner voice than are men. The "Gift of Fear" is a book that I frequently recommend to my clients - especially victims of stalkers.

I also think that they deserve as much support as they can get and perhaps the candidates will now take a closer look at the security of their campaign headquaters. Those who are busy making and receiving phone calls are not going to have the time (or the experience) to carefully screen faces and body language for possible threat. There are also many things they can do to better protect themselves when out in the field. These include; bringing along a colleague, making sure to be reachable by cell phone and to advising others where they are going and when they should expect them to return.”