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Caleb Linn, 4-Year-Old, Missing From Arkansas Boy Scout Camp

Caleb Linn, 4-Year-Old, Missing From Arkansas Boy Scout Camp

Commented Mar 29, 2012 at 11:21:35 in Crime

“This is tragic and sad. Put all the blames and pointing of fingers aside--to me, what matters are the broken hearts of Caleb's famiy. Including his aunt. We'll never know exactly what happened to Caleb or why he ended up in the river. My prayers are with Caleb--that he is no longer afraid or in any pain. My prayers are also with the family who will live every day of their lives thinking of Caleb and the what if's. They will need strength, love, and acceptance from others to help them through this awful event.

Hold your children tight every day. Love them. Know they're little minds are curious and they are adventurers at heart. That's what being a child is all about. Tragic events should not make us all point fingers. Let's look beyond that. We can still learn a lesson without blaming others. It's easy to blame. It's harder to accept. But, we must accept, learn, and press forward.

Bless all of those who were touched by Caleb. Bless all of those broken hearts out there who were impacted by this event. I hope you find peace again one day.”