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June Bride Alert: Why Prenups Make Sense

June Bride Alert: Why Prenups Make Sense

Commented Jun 28, 2011 at 02:24:07 in Women

“I am disappointed by this article. Obviously it is a sticky situation but the author plants a seed that every woman should doubt their significant other. Yes, people cheat and yes there are dead beats but it happens on both sides. A woman would be wise to look at the intentions and where the pressure for the prenup is coming from. Does the man have a business and his partners are seeking protection, is it a family member, or is it a family business he wants to protect.
If the gentleman in question is seeking a prenup that is right it should favor the future generations more than either spouse. If the prenup is to protect a family business then you should look for it to include the future generations in the business even if the spouse would be excluded. Particularly if there is family pressure to keep the business in the family.
The point that you shouldn't be afraid is correct but the tone of raising so much suspicion makes me fear that we live in a society that just expects marriage to fail.”

TheParson on Jun 28, 2011 at 02:42:29

“The woman in a marriage already gets a prepackaged prenup, and it is heavily weighted in her favor and is provided by the third party in the marriage, the state government.

A "prenup" as known in conventional terms, is something the man provides in order to bring some equity and fairness to the lopsided situation.”