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Oil Sands Newest PR Push Doomed to Fail -- Again

Commented Apr 21, 2010 at 15:23:38 in Green

“There are too many blog posts where the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.
This is a key reason for Alberta is Energy. It's not about associations telling a story. Albertans are telling theirs.
Good journalism relies on an effort to be informed. It serves no one if facts aren't checked, or worse, left out. Example? The suggestion that Chambers are ‘falsely claiming the voice of third parties’. We’re nothing but the voice of third parties, and have no voice apart from them.
Yes, those voices are businesses, which to some means they're demons and jinns, and have no right to a voice. Silly me.
Sillier still, to suggest that mechanics, store owners, agents, engineers, truckers, etc - members of Chambers of Commerce everywhere, aren't involved. They are, and we're proud to represent them.
No posting, however, could be complete without mention that a multinational oil company is one of Jim's clients. Interesting that they (an excellent company, and Chamber member) are touted here. Perhaps the critic should engage in fuller disclosure. Astroturfing? No. Business promotion? Yes.
Finally, and historically interesting, Chambers of Commerce were among the first ‘true, grassroots organizations of everyday folks just trying to add a little common sense into the conversation’. When? The lead up to the French Revolution. Who? The proprietors and family businesses who petitioned the King for a break from suffocating taxes – which they could do, as small players, by banding together.
Alberta is Energy is about banding together. It's that”