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Sarah Palin: McCain's VP Pick In Vogue

Sarah Palin: McCain's VP Pick In Vogue

Commented Sep 1, 2008 at 09:57:51 in Politics

“There is a lot of interesting info that does not add up with Sarah Palin. The photo of Sarah Palin in front of the "family seaplane" in Vogue. Ok, then I go and look up pilot certificates in the FAA database at and I find that Sarah Palin's husband is listed there with a designation for a Single Engine Land rating, not a Single Engine Sea rating as would be required for a seaplane. So what is it? Is the FAA's database wrong or is Sarah Palin's husband flying illegally? Or is the family seaplane a spin? Here is the results of the data search. It should say Single Engine Sea if he is rated for a Seaplane.

Airmen Database Search Result

Airman's Address : 1140 W PARKS HWY
WASILLA, AK, 99654-6910
FAA Region : Alaskan
Date of Medical : Jul, 2006
Class of Medical : 3
Expiration of Class 3 : Jul, 2008
Airman Certificates : Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land”

ODIN1939 on Sep 6, 2008 at 08:18:38

“My understanding of pilot certification is this. Todd Palin holds the Single Engine Land pilot certificate. Quite likely he holds an Instrument Rating as to gain this rating you must be qualified to fly in outside of Visual Flight Rules, i.e. in the clouds. Without a doubt he holds a Seaplane Rating.
I would not be concerned about Todd's flying "illegally". Isn't going to happen. Another reason his wife will get my vote. I have held the SEL with Instrument Rating for 30 years.”

jollytime on Sep 5, 2008 at 13:01:44

“SEL rating allows you to operate (landing & taking off) on land. Notice the ski landing gear. SES rating would allow you to operate from water. Notice the plane does not pontoons that float. Blame Vogue for your confusion because they did not identify the plane properly.”

ianto94 on Sep 4, 2008 at 13:41:30

“Hello. Those are not floats on that plane, those are skids (ah, like for snow).”

Scott6113 on Sep 3, 2008 at 10:51:46

“A Seaplane endorsement is a logbook entry, not a license. So, most private pilots start with runways and may want to go for a weekend course to get a seaplane endorsement.

For example of the difference. When you get an instrument rating, it takes an exam by an FAA designated examiner, in the air, in addition to a written test, experience requirements and others. The FAA issues you a new license with that rating.

If you want to fly a high performance single, that is one with retractible gear, that is just a logbook endorsement.

So sorry, no fowl. He can be legal and it wouldn't show on the database. Didn't know floats could land on the snow, as in the picture. The plane is probably a Piper Tri-pacer. I'm going by the look of the window. Tube and fabric. Made in the 50s. Hardly a rich man's plane, and that one has aged paint. Plane is worth @25k on average in the used market.

I've heard no one rents seaplanes. Too risky. If you want to fly one, you have to buy it. I've heard that one in six Alaskans have pilot licenses. It just makes sense there.”

mh2002 on Sep 1, 2008 at 16:59:01

“I probably wouldn't go by that. My fiance's a pilot and I looked up his ratings on that website and they weren't accurate either. Don't believe everything you read.”

realsmartgirl on Sep 1, 2008 at 15:48:13

“Poor Dems. You keep grabbing at straws. The new VP is brilliant and she has 612 days+ experience over Obama's 164 days of doing O (that's what the O stands for). Pailn is only going for the VP spot--not the presidential spot!! Education and healthcare improved on her watch--the things that are most important to American families. Moreover a woman in any field must be about 10 times better than a man to be taken seriously--and get their respect. Sadly Hillary got no respect from a party that claims to be for "women's right". Paline also has a huge likability factor and has turned this election on its head. Now, if ya'll want to dig up bones, why not talk about how Michele's salarie at the hospital managed to triple after her husband was elected--and BTW, he conveniently ear marked $17 million for that hospital. Why hasn't anyone covered this story? It's just more of the same and akin to the whole John Edwards cover up. So much for their big push on the "fairness doctrine"”