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Preachers of the Future: Three Sermons From Young Christians

Commented Jan 13, 2011 at 10:08:18 in Religion

“Having preached and participated in the Festival of Young Preachers, I can say the ecumenical atmosphere and collaboration provided inspiration and encouragement. It was an opportunity for young people to bring together a fragmented church, for love, for justice, and for change. My sermon, "Kiss Your Chicken", challenged us, all, to engage communities for positive change. The message of love abounds, and we would be wise to share all voices, and come together in a show of unity & progress, for humanity's sake; for God's sake. ~Zac Bailes is editor at and second-year student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity”

clancyben on Jan 14, 2011 at 20:52:02

“Zac my man,
The church is "fragmented" simply because a made up story based on a loose foundation of history and no scientific evidence can be interpreted in any way you want. Please do me a favor, while you are at Wake Forest please take some time to research history (real history, not biblical) and a few other religions (mainly some Eastern). Dont close your mind to other possibilities or innoculate yourself to the doubts your sensible mind will give you.
Best of luck in your search for the truth, just make sure that it is YOUR truth, not someone elses.”