Is an 18,000 Percent Return on Your Investment Possible in Two Weeks?

10/03/2011 04:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

That is exactly the question I was left with after watching the movie Limitless, the story of down and out writer Eddie Mora (played by Bradley Cooper) who takes a brain enhancing drug that provides him access to 100 percent of his brain.

He learns languages by half listening to audio tapes and writes a best-selling book in four days. He then develops aspirations of changing the world.

Eddie realises that he needs to make some serious dough in order to fund his aspirations and so turns to Wall Street. He turns a $12,000 account into $2.2 million in two weeks, which is an 18,000 percent return.

The two main reasons that Eddie was able to make this money was A) an understanding that if you can tap into the mass psychology of the market you can understand what traders will do next and B) he used leverage.

The movie is fictional, and as far as I know the FDA doesn't have some brain enhancing drug on the market. However we can learn a lot of lessons from Eddie Mora and not just in the trading world.

I have been trading for eight years and leverage is the name of the game. Leverage means to improve or enhance. An easy and funny way to explain leverage would be if a slim man put on the Iron Man suit and was now able to bench 800 pounds.

Time and time again I saw entrepreneurs failing to implement these two fundamentally game changing principles. Whatever service or product you are offering is not what drives your customers to spend their money with you. What drives your customers is how they feel when they experience your product or service.

Human beings are searching for ways that they can express the highest form of their true self and if your product or service adds increases then you are in the gold train and very well could be experiencing the same returns as Eddie Mora. Leverage gives you an advantage. Leverage allows you to work smart vs. work hard.

For example let's say I put on a two-day stock seminar and I charge attendees $1,000 each. I hire a film crew and they film the whole event. As I have a film crew in, I offer to live stream my event for people who are unable to come to the venue and I charge $300 for the live stream. I also offer a home study series that includes the footage of this two-day stock event and I charge $200. I then take the audio from this two-day event and I chop it up into a podcast series that I sell for $12 and finally I take the 300 page manual and sell that via Amazon for $10.

From one event I have leveraged five streams of income, three of which are residual income.

Technically, and this is only rough math, let's say that it cost $5,000 to put on the two-day stock market event and I have made $400,000 over one year from my five streams of income, my percentage return would be 7,900 percent.

Wow right?

Do you see now that making an 18,000 percent return is not so hard once you understand mass psychology and leverage?

What can you leverage in your business right now? How can you re-purpose and re-package your products and services? With some thought you will see that you are potentially sitting on a pot of money that you can tap into right now.