Shutdown GOP Meme Campaign

10/03/2013 05:36 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Social media memes create a powerful, simple way for social media users to instantly connect on a topic near and dear to them. For example, as the date for the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 neared, more and more people adopted this Facebook meme to show their support for same-sex marriage. According to HRC:

Facebook saw a 120 percent increase in profile photo updates on Tuesday, March 26 when compared to the previous Tuesday, which kicked off around the time we began urging followers to change their photos. Given the number of remixes and logo variants, Facebook's data shows just the tip of the iceberg of the impact of the campaign.

When I saw HRC's meme show up on dozens, then hundreds, of friends' Facebook pages, I cried! I had no idea so many souls were in support of something I hope to be one day -- a gay married man. This meme instantly told me there's more support out than than I realized. This meme flooded into thousands of sites that uses Facebook's comment application. The power of social memes to share a simple message is here to stay.

Given the current shutdown state of the U.S. federal government, the result of an elite GOP crew who do not govern on the behalf of ALL their constituents, I wonder! Is it time to SHUTDOWN the GOP?

I think it is time to shutdown the GOP. If you agree, join me in a social meme campaign.

  1. Click this link to download the shutdown GOP meme.
  2. change your social icon image to this image.
  3. Optional: click to join our Facebook group.

In less than one minute, you issue a statement to ripple out to all your social connections. In less than one minute, your make a statement that lasts days, months and possible years!

As more elected officials see this icon on YOUR social media page(s), they'll discover just how much they'll need to change the way they listen to us.

Take a minute to make a statement that you're ready to shutdown the GOP.