Meeting with Bibi

06/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meeting with Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu went a bit better than expected. We gave a little on the Iran timeline thing and I heard some noises - words, too, but mostly noises - about a move toward a two-state solution.

Since the Gordon Brown dvd debacle, we have taken steps to tighten up the ceremonial gift giving. On that front I believe we can count this an unqualified success.

Rahm said we needed to give something that sent a strong message: yes, we are staunch allies, we appreciate Israeli resolve and grit...but we will be pushed only so far. He suggested a display of authentic Gene Simmons memorabilia: Israeli-born, tough, yet vulnerable sans his signature make-up. Interesting.

Ax (David Axelrod) suggested something a bit more cryptic: a talis autographed by famed Nixon supporter Sammy Davis Jr. I was baffled, but intrigued...mostly baffled.

We decided to split the difference: we asked Gene Simmons to record a Sammy Davis medley, which naturally included Mr. Bojangles and Candyman. "Who can make the sun rise, sprinkle it with dew?" Perfect. And to play it safe, we included a talis signed by all of the original members of Kiss.