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Lesser-Known Harry Potter Merchandise

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- A Wizard's First Crack Pipe

- Deluxe LEGO Hogwarts Charter School & Lottery System Wishland

- Hermione's Magical RU-486 Pills

- Four Loko's Dumbledore-Strength Energy Blast *

- The Amazing Azkaban Waterboarding Kit

- Crookshanks' Dog Neutering Depot

- Super-Ript Brand Quidditch-Enhancing Designer Steroids

- Fawkes' Old-Fashioned Bulimia Feather

- The McWeasley Bacon-Wrapped-Centaur Sandwich **

- Hagrid's Home Electrolysis System

- Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody Do-It-Yourself Stem Cell Research Lab

- The Dastardly Death Eaters' Health Care Tribunal and Organ Harvesting Farm

- Lord Voldemort's NAMBLA Playset ***

- Honeydukes' Enchanted Insulin Pens

- Nimbus 3000 Solar-Powered Rectal Plunger

* now with radium!
** limited time
*** available only on Amazon