Fitness for Mind, Body, Spirit

05/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Stacey Nemour Black belt in Kung Fu, highly-respected martial artist

During times of stress, it is easy to go into fight or flight mode. One gets tense, which changes
body chemistry and negatively affects the cells of the body. Even changing the smell of ones sweat.

A useful definition of stress is "the actual or perceived threat to well-being"
Stressors need not be physical, and indeed most stress comes from a psychological perception of "threat to well-being", with the physical stressors being less obvious in the form of chronic pain or illness.

You can become a reactive being to all outside circumstances and allow this to dictate your emotional, mental, and physical states. This can allow hurts, disappointments, and the appearance of things to run the show, creating the illusion that it is all coming from "out there". This leads to so much stress; it can incapacitate you or lead you to disease.

According to David Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. consciousness studies confirm that the higher the
level of consciousness, the higher the level of happiness, which is defined as finding the inner sanctuary of your higher self -- the unshakable to core of you that cannot be touched, no matter what's going on; the inner-knowing that says " I have always been okay and will always be okay."

I find the quickest way back to center is to shut out the outside world completely -- all noise and needless chatter, and meditate or sit in prayer, asking for the truth of the situation to be revealed, and feel the support of the entire Universe operating through me. I also ask for Divine Right action and Divine Right outcome for the Highest good for all involved. Then relax and let the unseen forces go to work.

Exercising is the second half of this process. Meditation builds confidence from the inside out. A fit body contributes to a fit mind and builds confidence from the outside in. Even a walk can be peaceful and amazing guidance and insights may come to you, as you continue to release tension and tune in. Or an activity that requires skill and focus such as: golf, tennis, yoga, martial arts, dance, shifts you out of stuck mental/emotional states.

Food can also play a role in feeling stable, clear and focused; there are definitely foods that weaken and foods that heal. Staying away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, hormone-filled meat (from tortured animals treated like non-feeling beings, best not to digest their sadness and stress), refined sugar, and white bread. These foods can cause inflammation, which shows up as uneven blotchy skin, redness, bloating, disease, and pain.

Stick to anti-inflammatory foods such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain, and beans. That will keep the weight off and help you manage your energy, emotions, and alertness. Eating breakfast also helps. Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast to gain weight! Studies show a 5% drop in metabolism in people who routinely skip breakfast.

Eating small meals every three to four hours stabilizes blood sugar and keeps the metabolism going, like throwing another log on the fire to keep its heat steady. It also keeps you from going wild at dinner time and eating everything in sight because you are starving.

Another major healer and provider of important lessons about unconditional love is spending quality time connecting with your animal companions. Just petting them lowers blood pressure and benefits the animal as well.

Another way to align with positive energy is to surround yourself with uplifting activities, music, books, films, and people.

Stay away from people that always leave you feeling tired and drained. Put your energy and appreciation into the people who generate love, understanding, and kindness.

Finally, do set healthy boundaries and always honor yourself by saying no to things you really don't want to do. This clears a space for the goods things enter your life!