Meditation Made Easy

04/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Stacey Nemour Black belt in Kung Fu, highly-respected martial artist

I could not even imagine my life without meditation. I know for sure meditation has enabled me to program my entire being to attract and manifest who I really want to be in the world and how I really see myself on the inside. Starting my day with meditation sets the tone of the whole day. People think they don't have the time to meditate but the funny thing is it's the BIGGEST time saver there is!

Even spending a few minutes getting connected to your source that is all knowing, and is there for you at all times, makes the day flow easily without having to muscle things to make them happen. Let the support of the entire Universe flow through you and you'll start to notice you'll attract good in your life, that even seems magical!

To start meditating pick a quiet place in which you feel the most serene. It's helpful to practice in the same place daily, so the energy can build up in that spot, which will make it easier for you to get connected each time. Start by sitting up straight with legs crossed, forefinger and thumb touching and resting on your knees. You may support your back against the wall if needed.

Now relax and deepen your breathing and say to yourself, I now let loose, let go and let God (or Buddha, Jesus, My Higher Self or whatever feels the most comfortable). Now see yourself exactly the way you wish to be and just see the end result, make this vision so clear your body actually feels that it's happening now. Now give thanks that this is happening easily, perfectly, under grace in Gods perfect way. In a state of gratefulness give thanks for all you have and all that you are receiving now. Finish by balancing your energies by claiming "Divine Order and Harmony" in your mind, body and all your affairs.

Surrender for a moment and feel the Universe rearranging your world to attract your "Most High Good" in every phase of your life. Don't worry about how, when and why it will happen. The Universe has it's own way of preparing you

Meditating is like working out; it's like building a spiritual muscle. The more you do it the easier it gets.

After you get into it, you won't want to miss it, it would be like not brushing your teeth. You may use this exercise for work-out goals, healing, relationships, career, finanacial abundance.

We all want perfect Health, Wealth, Love and Perfect Self Expression. It's our divine right, follow your inner urges be true to yourself and claim it.