Cleaning Tip: Keep Your Nightstand Organized

11/08/2011 08:51 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Flickr photo by Alexandra Sklar

What is kept on your nightstand reveals a lot about your habits. Use the following tips to edit your bedside bedlam:

1. Choose a nightstand that supports your nightly habits. If you read a lot in bed, go for a nightstand with a shelf for books. It's not essential that you and your partner have matching bedside tables if your needs are different.

2. Keep only things you use nightly, such as a reading lamp, alarm clock, phone, reading glasses, remotes (if you must), hand cream, a water pitcher and/or glass.

3. Relocate medications and vitamins to the kitchen and batteries to a utility closet. To encourage undisrupted sleep patterns, keep radiation-emitting cell phones and chargers away from your brain.

4. Instead of displaying trinkets, memories, and odds and ends, which all add up to clutter, choose just one special piece.

5. Use a small tray to contain items such as lip balm, reading glasses and jewelry you take off at night, especially if your bedside table doesn't have a drawer.

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