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Kick-Start The Man Giving: Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Other Dad's

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It takes a village to thank all the dads in our lives, from brothers and uncles to best friends and of course, the main man, your dad. Here's a roundup to kick-start the man giving.


He doesn't ask directions, so why in the world would he ask a stranger to shoot a photo? The XShot ( is a telescopic camera extender that you hold in your hand. Simply attach your compact digital camera or hand-held video camera to your XShot. Set the self-timer on your camera, extend the telescopic arm, smile, point and shoot. Now he really feels like a pro. $29.95

Get In Gear

We know, he doesn't wear jewelry; but if he's always been fascinated by small mechanisms and how things work, he'll fall hard for the Gear Ring By Kinekt ( Complex enough to play with, yet simple enough to appreciate, kind of like him. $165.00

Beach Bond

If he's always dreamed about being James Bond, he'll love Reef's creative collection of flip-flops with a purpose. The Reef Dram ( has a built-in flask in the heel for those emergency cocktail moments (and you know those really do exist in his mind). The Fanning sandal sports a bottle opener in the heel of the sole; now he can rescue every unopened bottle on the sand. Products only a man could covet. $45

He's Got Ballz

Does his iPad have balls? Didn't think so. He'll go nuts for iBallz ( an uber innovative "one size fits all" shock absorbent harness to protect "e-reader" devices such as the iPad, Kindle and Sony Reader. With iballz in his hands, he'll be constant fodder for conversation. $19.95

Guy Stuff

Father's Day or not, the time has come to empower him to carry his own wallet, cell phone and keys, right ladies? This smart and simple canvas zip carry from Dog Eared ( should be a nice starter, at least for some of his man beach stuff; sunscreen, surf wax, keys and cash. Hey, we gotta start somewhere. $22

New View

Give him the gift of hands free viewing with The BackFlip ( This smart iPhone case lets you stand your iPhone 3G and 3GS in vertical and horizontal mode with a built-in kickstand that flips back into the case so for easy pack and go. Now dad can flip it back for games, movies, making drinks, poker, weather, checking scores... you get the iDEA. $29.95