World to Bush: "To the Left, to the Left!"

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET
  • Stacy Parker Le Melle Communications Director for the Afghan Women's Writing Project and Author of 'Government Girl: Young and Female in the White House'

"Everything you own is in a box to the left!"

Thank you, Beyonce. I knew there was a reason that song stuck in my head!

So, Bush blew off New Orleans in the SOTU. I find myself surprised that others were surprised. I suppose that pointing this out is a way to get in a jab. Honestly though, I found myself relieved. His silence was more honest than his words would ever be.

Two words: Jackson Square.

Like a lover who promised to be a strong provider, but then turned around and neglected again and again at the worst possible moments, no one wants to hear him act like he's actually going to do something that will make a difference. Like Beyonce says: "You can keep talking that mess, that's fine, but can you walk and talk at the same time?"

We're spending a lot of time deconstructing the speech. But wow, if there was ever a time when people needed results and not rhetoric, it is now. Even if Bush devoted ten minutes to Gulf Coast reconstructions (and dare I say, reconciliation), could you imagine being in a poorly-heated FEMA trailer, up to your ears in debt, drowning in depression, with death still in the air, would you be comforted if GWB stuck in a few words about a few more promises he had in store for you?

Yeah, I thought so.

No one wants to hear him talk that mess anymore.

Enter Sen. Webb. When he spoke, I listened. He and other like-minded and like-hearted folks in Congress can force the changes necessary to achieve real results for people in real need in the Gulf Coast. Please let your elected officials know that you care about government accountability and the continued recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast. Even if you don't have a direct connection to the region, let them know that you care out of principle. Let them know you care because you don't want the same mistakes made if disaster befalls you!

To sign the petition in favor of the 8/29 Commission, and to learn more about the issues, please visit .