O.J. Had it Coming

11/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I've got news for you, Orenthal James Simpson. You'll soon be trading 13 years on the golf course for 15 years to life of baloney sandwiches and a cold metal urinal next to your ratty prison cot. Thirteen years to the day after you were wrongfully acquitted of double murder in Los Angeles, your no-nonsense Las Vegas jury did the right thing and served up justice with guilty verdicts on all counts. Even a criminal defense attorney like myself, who is usually defending guys like you, was satisfied to see the prosecution claim its victory. I had enough of your repugnant and arrogant displays of disdain at the criminal and civil justice systems, and your complete lack of humility after walking away a free man from the crime of the century.

Now, at 61 years old, there's a good chance we'll never have to see another smiling paparazzi photo of you in your golf cart, or enjoying a fine meal in a restaurant, or thumbing your nose at the Goldmans, to whom you continue to owe millions of dollars of wrongful death judgment money for the murder of their son. You'll be enjoying your sunset years in a jail cell that is probably smaller than one of the bathrooms in your Florida estate.

This praiseworthy jury of your peers paid attention to the evidence, applied the law to the facts and determined your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, ignoring the smoke and mirrored distractions of the defense's case. It was probably easy, since they had both an audio and video tape at their disposal. It was only a matter of time before you screwed up again (and got caught). It's a miracle you stayed away from prison bars as long as you have. Once a sociopath, always a sociopath.

Now you will have plenty of time to write a second book. You can call it, "I Did It Too: Here's How I am Going to Jail."