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Changing Direction

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Watching C-SPAN's re-run of an interview with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair and Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen...

When asked about the United States invasion and occupation of Iraq, and what 2006 voters expected the Democrats to do about it, he used the term "changing direction" about 50 times in succession. Maybe Karl Rove is running their campaign, too. Repeat a line of malarkey over and over and over, in the hopes that you can bang it into the psyches of the American public as an irreducible premise.

Send this little note along to every national Democratic elected official you can find: The direction is West, all the way to the United States.

You will not get away with reformulating what we want with this weasel-wording. We don't want a "change of direction" in Iraq. We want United States armed forces OUT of Iraq... NOW... every single one of them.

Since this "changing direction" is the manipulation mantra of the campaign, and since it is a cynical attempt to stay in Iraq indefinitely, while pumping sunshine up our collective posterior (until Democrats can get elected), every time this furtive phrase is uttered we need to call them out.

Call and response...

CALL: "...changing direction"
RESPONSE: "Bullshit!"

The problem with the war is not that it has been misdirected. It was never "winnable" under any circumstances. But more importantly, you lying, self-serving, Democratic manipulators, the bloody military occupation of Iraq is an illegal, immoral, and imperial enterprise. It cannot be transformed into something good.

You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

I repeat again, and will recruit all I can to do the same: I will not vote for a single Democrat who votes a penny more for war, nor will I vote for anyone who does not call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. An exit is not a "strategy," it is a command.

You cannot reformulate our righteous hatred of this war into "changing direction." You will pay the price for taking us for granted. Bloody-handed, ambitious little skulkers. The death and horror mount each day while you pursue your creepy careers. You are not fighting Republicans for principles, but scheming after their jobs. You are now the main obstacle blocking the cessation of this criminality; and your goal is to contain us.

To hell with you!

We'll sink you in the elections, and fight Republicans with rocks and bottles.