Democrats and the Iraqi Oil Law

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

"No blood for oil!" was a rallying cry against the Bush administration's war against Iraq. Now it can be more properly applied to the Democrat-controlled Congress that is drenching its hands in blood for precisely the same thing. This detail is obscured by public pronouncements that treat Iraq's so-called "Hyrdocarbon Law" as if it were an article of religious faith instead of a bald-faced attempt by the US government (Republicans and Democrats alike) to secure unfettered access to Iraq's fossil energy by Big Oil.

The passage of this law by the Potemkin government of Iraq is consistently listed as one of those so-called milestones that has to be passed before even Democrats will consider taking real, as opposed to symbolic, action to begin the redeployment of an overstretched US ground force out of Iraq.

No one who is still attached to the myth of US military invincibility, or of the modern American version of White Man's Burden wants to hear this; but the US has lost the war in Iraq. The Iraqi government is a cruel sham that governs nothing (they can't leave the Green Zone without attack helicopter escorts). And the serivce being provided by Democrats to Big Oil in this insistence on passing an Imperial Edict through a phony Parliament will be rewarded now with a tactical military defeat in Iraq. There, I said it. We will see Saigon in '75 in Iraq. The guerrillas have already demonstrated that they can bomb the Parliamentary cafeteria inside the Green Zone. Game over. It's just a matter of time. And Congress stands by while the bodies pile up on behalf of their campaign contributors.

So here is my own personal last call to the Dems. Vote one penny to continue this war, and I will stay home in November 2008. With few exceptions, you are no less mass murderers now than the Bush administration. Those who are exceptions should resign from that wretched cesspool of opportunism and found an anti-war party. The party to which you show loyalty is a tool of the ruling class in a dangerous period of dying empire. It exists to absorb resistance to imperial tyranny, not oppose it.

Someone has to say this. No blood for oil!

Anyone who refuses to call this out -- and to point out what this Oil Law really is -- is complicit.