10/31/2007 09:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Debate

Yeah, I watched the first hour of it... then I had to go night-night.


Clinton was dog-piled as everyone knew she would be. The attack... flip-flopping. This is generally a gendered attack on male politicians that suggest they aren't masculine (read: decisive and intransigent) enough.

Electability... again, reference to the polls that show many men will not vote for Clinton because she represents feminism... saying more about what they think feminism is than any commitment Clinton herself might demonstrate to overturning male-supremacy.

Were there legitimate reasons to attack her record and positions? Hell yes. She's an imperial war hawk, for starters, a muckymuck with the corporate DLC, and deeply committed to neoliberalism. But criticism of her war support was tepid; and while several opponents went after her support of the Iran war resolution, no one made the statement of fact that Iran is not a dangerous country.

Where her opponents and the press jumped down her throat... and here's where I told you so... was on immigration. She said it was okay to issue drivers' licenses to undocumented ("illegal") immigrants, as a practical safety measure -- the only sensible position she took on a damn thing all night -- and has been getting slammed for going on two days now.

Tonight on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and his guests (among them arch-xenophobe Pat Buchanan) were openly talking about how "Americans" don't like seeing all these people that don't look right or talk right; and how the mere appearance of "supporting illegals" will be a political kiss of death in 2008 A-me-ri-ca.

That's right folks, this will be the Year of the Xenophobes.

And forget Dennis Kucinich. His entrapment on the question of aliens (not illegal ones), UFOs that is, has effectively done what the defense industry media and the DLC have wanted to do ever since he recently polled 2nd in a California straw poll... trivialize and marginalize him forever.

I contend that "illegal aliens" will be the defining issue of the 2008 election that will put a Republican back in the Oval Office (because the Democratic candidate will not take a firm position against the Iraq occupation). I said that months ago, and I stand by it.

And the Democrats deserve it.

That's why when Ralph Nader runs again, I'll be getting petition signatures in North Carolina to put his name on the ballot.

I invite readers to see what the Dems did to Ralph the last time he ran... it was thuggish. Here's the link.

Meanwhile, the criminal war continues, and America slouches toward its own unique rewrite of fascism... one where Latin@s are portrayed as the infection in the body politic.

History will say we deserved everything we are going to get; and may the Democratic Leadership Council and all its members rot in Hell.