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Looking For Mr. Goodnews

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Inflation in China is very high. It's hard to figure how that will benefit us, but on a list of things that come under the rubric "grim satisfaction," the continual travails of that sleeping giant always register. Bad air. Bad water. Poison in the children's toothpaste they export. Dead dogs worldwide due to crud in the pet food they offer the world. The explosion of their chief internet provider built almost wholly on illegally purloined music from American labels... so while more rain on their parade is not really good news -- particularly since it probably just hurts innocent civilians over there, it's a laugh riot compared to the rest of the crop this morning.

Credit Suisse, which today fired a bunch of their traders who misplayed some aspect of the mortgage crisis or other, leading to a modest, single-digit billion problem that will have to be managed this quarter. That's sort of good news for UBS, which looked really deficient recently when it took a nearly $15-billion writedown. Perhaps they're high-fiving each other over there.

Wal-Mart beat the Street's expectations...

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