09/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011


Aja, Aja, aja, I can hear you already thinking. Not another of those weird things that I should add on. I can understand you. I felt the same way. Yet, I found when I gave it a try it added a great variety to my salads.

When I added sprouts to my diet, it happened by accident years ago. You must know how it feels when you are looking for new foods that you are not bored with. It happens to all of us. I went shopping and saw this package full of about to sprout lentils and beans. I didn't think much. I bought it and added it in to my salad and what a surprise I received.

It was crunchy, full of a greenish flavor and a creamy texture while enjoying the usual arugula or spinach salad.

Sprouts are full of nutrients when about to sprout. Protein content increases by around 15% to 30%. Chlorophyll and fiber increase, both of which are high in nutrients and have many health giving properties. And of course, you receive living enzymes to help digestion and B vitamins that are necessary in every cell for energy production. Now let's keep it short about what else -- vitamins A, E, K, Calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Eat them fresh. It is nice to get something young and perky in your body.

You can find them in many stores already. Yet, before you buy them, check that they are not fermented.


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