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Stefan Aschan


Too Hot - I Can't Do Anything

Posted: 07/01/09 11:49 AM ET

Summer is here. It arrived June 21st. Not only is it too hot and too humid; we are sweating all day long.

Yet, when is hot too hot?

There might be several indications. You might be falling asleep during your workday. You are running to the water cooler all day long. You wish you could take cold showers 5 x a day and you just don't want to do anything. And last, you are not thinking about exercise.

To stay on track when it is too hot implement following strategies to cool off.

When you exercise outdoors, try do go early in the morning or later in the evenings when the temperatures are not as high. Also, the pollen count is lower in the evening and therefore is better for people who suffer from asthma or hay fever.

Indoors exercise gives you the flexibility of you going to exercise when you want to when it is hot. All gyms are air-conditioned. Hence, it does not matter what time you go. When you are an outdoors exerciser, go indoors if the morning or evening does not work. Take 5 - 10 minutes to acclimate yourself to the cooler environment before you start your program.

Drink throughout the day. If you start to hydrate before you start your program, it will be too late. Signs and symptoms of dehydration are: dry lips and tongue, headache [exercisers pay attention to this], weakness, dizziness or extreme fatigue, concentrated urine that appears darker than normal, nausea and muscle cramps.

Supply your body with adequate fluids. Use your common sense. If you are one of those individuals who sweat more during exercise, drink more. If the opposite is the case, drink less. For better water absorption add a pitch of sea salt into your water.

Stay cool, focused and keep on moving.


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