Vote For A Rounded Exercise Program!

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Yes, sure, check magazines and you will find at least 10 new exercise programs. Or perhaps a friend told you about a great training technique that you might want to try out.

But what are the movements that you should cover in any exercise program?

There are 6 movement patterns that you should concentrate on in any exercise program to prevent wear and tear, allow variety and work out all the muscle groups without creating imbalance that might lead to pain and injuries.

Movement patterns that you not want to miss:

Squat exercises - Do anything that lowers your hips and toward the floor.

Bend exercises - Movements that bend from the upper torso to the floor.

Lunge exercises - Place one foot in front and one foot behind you while you bring the knee 3 inches to the floor. This can be executed in many different directions.

Pull exercises - As the name implies any pulling motion towards your body.

Push exercises - And any exercise that pushes items away from you.

Twist exercises - It can be as simple as rotating your upper torso from one side to the next.

All those movements need to be incorporated into any exercise program. And if not, add them on. Hence, if you just run, it will not be enough. The same thing for just walking. Oh wait, is your favorite exercises crunches or chest presses? You miss out on many exercises that you can do even without the gym.

Stay focused.


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