06/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

When Your Feet Burn

Hot sand, sweat and friction will do it.

Yes, those three items can cause pain. How? Go running or play volley ball on the beach, increase your distances in your cardio program or break in new sneakers. Blisters under your toes, black toes, and foot soreness can occur that are painful which brings us to the topic of our feet.

We forget, but we are on our feet all day long. They carry us from place to place. They allow us to perform high intensity sprints, jumps and landings on our feet. Multiple directional movements challenge our feet by absorption through the longitudinal arch, front to back, and the transverse arch, left to right.

Unless there is something wrong with our feet, we don't pay attention, yet you should. If you experience blisters, burning on the bottom of the foot while exercising, or possibly losing a toe nail do the following:

Sneakers: Change your sneakers. A running shoe does not do the job for cross training. You have got to wear the right sneaker. And sneaker is not just a sneaker. Today, you can buy not just different sizes, but also sneakers that have different widths.

Insoles: Sliding in your sneakers causes friction. Friction causes blisters. Try insoles. You can buy shock absorption insoles, which limit as well the friction of the feet. Also, if you are suffering from a burning sensation on the bottom of the foot, insoles might help as well as trying to find a sneaker that does not cause you this sensation.

Nurture: Yes, nurture your feet. We pay much closer attention to our hands as we work with them and shake peoples' hands. They are out in the open. Feet are not. Yet, in the summer you will see some "interesting" surprises.

Cut your toenails regularly. If they grow too long they can dig into the soft tissue causing bleeding. Or a constant pushing on the top of the sneaker that is causing you to lose the toenail. Marathoners know about that symptom.

Massage your feet. Look at your feet and check out the bottom. Dry skin? Take a lotion and start massaging your feet and don't forget your ankle as well. Better yet, get someone else to massage your feet.

Cold water baths. After a long period of exercising, such as running or hiking, just cool off your feet as well. Take a cold water foot bath to reduce the swelling and tenderness.

As a hiker, runner, beach volleyball player, and long life exerciser I experienced it all. Yet, the recovery is fast as soon as I implement the strategies mentioned above.

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