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Pevonia Products- A beauty lesson in Eco-friendly synergy

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I am a huge fan of companies taking the steps to create eco-friendly products for us, with a major consideration of our planet. Hence, why I am writing about a product line called Pevonia Botanica, that I think you all should know about.

Here's a little story...

As legend goes, Paion, Greek physician to the gods, discovered the Peonia flower, a blossom filled with pure, essential extracts that were capable of repairing the skin of every goddess. Later re-named Pevonia, the legend of the flower's rejuvenating powers spread around the world.

The eco-friendly company was founded in 1991 by husband and wife team, Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy. The brand's foundational ethos is to offer exceptional natural product formulations with advanced manufacturing processes to ensure maximum ingredient absorbency- meaning you recieve natural benefits for your skin, from a company who also embraces the environment.

With a unique vision to synergistically unite science and nature, Pevonia Botanica helps women, men, and teens garner good "skin health". You can take thier products home, or find them at some of the most prestigous spas around the world including Bellagio, Palazzo Versace, Kanuhura Resort Maldives, Secrets Resorts, and their paraben-free products continue to garner the brand a devoted following among respected skin care professionals, celebrities, and in-the-know consumers worldwide.

SO what makes them so special? The Ingredients!
Their products are comprised of a selection of the finest natural botanical and marine ingredients including essential oils, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, caviar and marine collagen, and many other vital components.

And... Pevonia maintains a harmonious balance with precious resources by offering fully recyclable, completely biodegradable packaging and refraining from any form of animal testing. Hoorah!

Their "Go Green" program has spearheaded many future ideas and reemphasizes the brand's ongoing commitment to purity and helping the environment.

Have a great weekend! Adventure Girl, Stefanie Michaels

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