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Neiman Marcus Puckers Up

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I received an unusual lagniappe in a brown paper envelope the other day -- a lip gloss that is being touted as "politically correct."

HMMMM... Politics and lipstick. An incongruous pairing in the extreme, but far be it for me to throw out a free beauty product due to my preconceived notions about how politics (and politicians) need a lot more than lipstick to get prettied up in the eyes of the public these days. So what is this stuff, anyway?

"The Politically Correct Pout" is the latest baby born to Le Métier de Beauté, the cosmetic line of Neiman Marcus, and it's being billed as "a perfect nude shade that will work its magic from coffee to cocktails -- perfect for the Washingtonian woman running from meetings on the Hill to the gala on the Mall!"

Well this Washingtonienne, who does her fair share of city slicking, found that the gloss can be worn by itself or on top of a wide variety of lip colors from fire cracker reds to demure pinks, and it has a nice texture without the invariable stickiness of most glosses.

It's available for a limited time for thirty-two dollars, only at Neiman Marcus.

Will having this product so close to my mouth keep my vocal cords from spewing slightly irreverent and impolitic musings? Probably not, but I do like how it gives an added sheen to my usual matte lipstick.