Join the Coalition to Stop the War on American Women

03/16/2011 11:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Maybe they didn't hear us the first time.

Republican leaders passed a budget so backwards and unacceptable to women and families that women in the Senate had to stand up and say no. And the Senate voted it down. But Republicans didn't listen.

We're ready to say it louder this time.

EMILY's List is the nation's largest resource for women in politics. We work every day to elect pro-choice Democratic women who will fight back against the GOP's brand of radical backsliding. Today, we're partnering with MoveOn, one of the country's biggest networks of progressive activists and most dogged critics of Republican extremism.

We're joining forces to reach as many women and men across the country as possible. Because it's going to take all of us speaking out in order to be heard.

So join us and help Stop the War on American Women. Speak out and tell Republicans no. No to taking away the rights and freedoms of American women. No to robbing us of the opportunity to raise safe, healthy families. No to their radical, dangerous agenda.

Republicans are more committed than ever to an extreme agenda that punishes women by denying them and their families access to vital health care facilities and services. Basic needs like cancer screenings, maternity care, and child services are at risk.

But we know our country is better than that. We know America is a place where freedom and opportunities are celebrated, where families are protected, and where voices are heard. It's time to make sure Republicans get the message.

Speak up: Join the fight to stop the war on American women. Tell Republicans no means no.