MSNBC's Slippery Fishing Expedition

06/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I have to assume that MSNBC is following someone's lead in trying to gin up a Pelosi coup story. It is the sort of thing that makes watching this once promising channel not merely a chore but an impossibility. When you are online and aware of what is going on, TV such as MSNBC and its Pelosi fishing expedition is too pathetic for more than an epitaph.

Here is what is happening. Pelosi will be Majority Leader much longer than MSNBC will be around in its present configuration. That is the consensus of people who should know and MSNBC could not find anyone to confirm their slur-question. All they seem able to do is repeat a venal sound bite from the discredited Newt Gingrich.

That's not the only problem with MSNBC.

Any channel that cares so little for news that it does not even run it on Sundays, that stacks its shows with stables of talking heads whose main qualification seems to be that they appear on all their programs and that insists on reporting events in progress before they have any understanding of what the event is, is going down.

Pelosi from strength to strength.

MSNBC, for taking a tempest in a teapot and trying to gin up a coup, a further slide down an already slippery slope.

Well, I have expressed high hopes for MSNBC in the past, but a visit to my blog at Stephencrose/ will reveal a gradual decline in esteem. Too bad.