10/04/2006 06:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Foley Watch

Fox labels Foley a Democrat on O'Reilly. Also here.

Haster's office asked to intervene three years ago.

Republican Representative Rick Renzi says he did not know about Foley's conduct but Democrats did 10 months ago. How strange.

Predatorgate hits Illinois.

Republicans don't trust themselves with young boys. Rep. LaHood urges ending Page program. So does Republican congressional candidate David Sweeney. Check out Harold Meyerson's response.

A vote for Foley is a vote for Negron.

Tony Blankley of the conservative rag The Washington Times (emphasis mine): "While I don't have any proof, I will be amazed if Democratic operatives and at least a few Democratic congressmen didn't know about this and fed it to the media through various obscure blogs and to ABC. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) (just like the National Republican Congressional Committee) is in the business of disseminating negative information before elections, among other things."

Dennis Hastert takes credit for Foley's resignation: "We took care of Mr. Foley," Hastert said. "We found out about it, asked him to resign. He did resign. He's gone."

This is what it looks like when a Democratic strategist hands a Republican stategist her own ass. (watch the whole thing, it's worth it!)

Republican Representative Jim Gerlach says that "If it is found that any member of leadership, Republican or Democrat, or any member of Congress knew of the inappropriate conduct and did nothing to stop it, they should immediately resign from Congress." Except that there isn't any evidence of a Democratic coverup. There's tons of evidence for a Republican coverup.

Josh Marshall says it's over for Hastert. For the best Foley coverage stay locked on Talking Points Memo.

Foley comics from around the country.

Yesterday's Foley Watch.

- Stephen Elliott