12/15/2006 01:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hasn't the Bush Family Done Enough Already?

Over the last 30 years, every single Republican presidential ticket has featured someone named Bush or Dole. I was cautiously optimistic 2008 would break the trend. Perhaps not.

The scuttlebutt over the last several days is whether the Bush brothers are split in their 2008 presidential preferences. George W. seems to be favoring John McCain's candidacy, as evidenced by several top aides moving into the senator's camp. Jeb, meanwhile, seems to prefer Gov. Mitt Romney, with some of the Florida governor's team signing up with the Massachusetts governor's campaign.

So, the writing's on the wall, right? Maybe, unless Jeb decides to surprise the political world by weighing a race of his own.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he is "not ruling in or out" running for president or vice president in 2008.

..."I don't know what's going to happen to me next," Bush said. "I wouldn't rule it [running for president] out or in. It's not even on my radar."

I have a very hard time buying into the "not even on my radar" line. Jeb Bush has been asked, repeatedly, about whether he'd consider a run for national office. For months, he's said he's not interested. In May, George W. caused a stir by talking up a possible Jeb campaign, but Jeb said he wouldn't run. In July, U.S. News reported that Jeb was thinking about running, prompting another denial.

And now Jeb says he's not "ruling in or out" a possible campaign? Unless NewsMax radically misquoted him, or completely mischaracterized his comments, it sounds like the outgoing Florida governor is at least considering the race.

This leads, of course, to an obvious question: hasn't the Bush family done enough to the country already?