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GOP Genius--Blocking the Latina?

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Hey, elephants, who's in charge of your political strategy these days? Anybody?
Yesterday you couldn't find a single vote to join with a popular President to begin digging out of the economic mineshaft your man Bush left us in.
Meanwhile, at least one of your geniuses is still blocking a vote on Labor Department nominee Hilda Solis, one of the most talented and impressive Latinas in American politics, supposedly because you didn't like her answers on the Employee Free Choice Act.
Oh, c'mon. You know exactly what she thinks, she's been clear on union issues her whole life. Not only that, Barack Obama took a clear position on this issue in the campaign--your operatives attacked him on it, remember?--and as the new President reminded you last week, HE WON...
Obama won. He won big among women, remember? He won even bigger among Latinos, remember? Guess what. Hilda Solis is both.