In Her World

05/25/2011 12:45 pm ET
  • Steve Cobble Co-founder,; antiwar activist; political strategist

Sarah Palin has been rightly criticized for attacking Barack Obama last week, trying to emphasize his "otherness". Imo, all she did was underline her own "otherness".
Consider this attack that she launched on FOX: "Some of his comments that he has made about the war...I think, in my world, disqualifies someone from consideration as the next commander-in-chief."
Though her attacks have little connection to a reality-based universe, there is a certain "truthiness" when she starts to explain to us how things look "in her world":
In her world, shooting wolves and bears out of planes is everyday fun.
In her world, rape victims pay for their own testing kits.
In her world, God cares about which pipelines get built, has his emissaries do battle with witches and demons, and sends the Iraq War for us to fight as a "mission".
Oh, yeah, and God is coming soon to Sarah's world.
In her world, middle class families are worth one to two million, own seaplanes, and live in half-million-dollar lakefront homes.
In her world, even victims of rape do not get to choose abortions.
In her world, Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson are journalistic headhunters.
In Sarah's world, secessionists "heart" America more than community organizers do.
In her world, a bridge to nowhere becomes a frontier fable.
In Sarah's world, bother her sister and you're outta here.
In her world, hiring a Jack Abramoff crony as a lobbyist to secure more Federal earmarks for Wasilla is the same as mavericky opposition to yucky earmarks.
In her world, polar bears are on their own to fight global warming--nor will she "argue" about the causes.
In her world, Barney strode the earth alongside Cro-Magnon man.
In her world, being a journalism major in college means not having to read newspapers, ignoring media inquiries, and stonewalling subpoenas.
In her world, there is only one Supreme Court decision worth noting--Roe v. Wade (what, no honorable mention for Bush v. Gore?)
In her world, her opponents are responsible for the actions of all their acquaintances, even before they met; but she is responsible neither for what she says, nor what she has done.
In her world, having guns in bars is a great idea.
In her world, ignorance of the law--and the Constitution--is not only no excuse, it's a selling point.
In her world, English is a semi-language.
In Sarah's world, abstinence-only is proof that hope is a plan.
In her world, a "team of mavericks" is not an oxymoron.
In her world, librarians are dangerous.
In her world, Putin is a giant Macy's balloon head.
In Sarah's world, as in George W. Bush's world, cluelessness, the inability to pronounce the word "nuclear", and a vast sense of entitlement are cardinal virtues.
In her world, most of us are not present.
Fortunately, it appears that most of us have figured that out before election day.
With good voter turnout, we won't have to live "in her world"...