01/27/2006 12:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Senator Feingold, This Is Your Moment

Carpe Filibuster, Senator Feingold!

Stand up, start talking, and don't stop.

You're smart and eloquent, you're on Judiciary, you're the Senate champion on civil liberties, you're facing off against an anti-choice nominee who believes in the so-called "unitary executive" but couldn't remember what he thought about the fraud of Bush v. Gore, and you know Scalito will let Bush & Cheney run roughshod over the Constitution.

So lead the fight. A lot is on the line, and a nation is waiting for leadership.

When the GOPs invoke cloture, take your filibuster out on the road.

(Don't forget to mention Dr. Lani Guinier, and Bill Lann Lee...)

And paint your top 3 reasons on your garage door.

This is your moment.