06/05/2006 11:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's Something Happening Here

On March 31st, I HuffPosted this little piece of political prophecy about the illegal NSA spying and Jane Harman's future prospects:

"Here's my reaction -- when her constituents find out, and they are reminded about Harman's vote in favor of the war, Marcy Winograd's gonna upset her in the June primary."

Election day is tomorrow. If we're going to start an antiwar uprising, this would be a good time and place.

Rep. Harman -- voted for Bush's war, enabled the Bush/Cheney spying, wouldn't even sign on to John Conyers' bill to investigate the Bush crowd.

Marcy Winograd -- strongly against the war, thinks the spying violates our civil liberties, would vote to impeach Bush & Cheney.

So here's your voting pop quiz: which one reminds you more of Paul Wellstone?