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Alvin Green: "I like to Watch"

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Democrats are scratching their heads over the inconceivable win of Alvin Greene, an unemployed Army veteran, who became South Carolina's Democratic nominee for the Senate against Republican Jim DeMint.

Democrat James Clyburn went so far as to call Greene a Republican plant, suggesting that there was some deeply nefarious story to the Greene win.

Since the first time I saw Greene, and heard him speak, I've had this nagging feeling that I've seen this story before.

Here's the log line, and then you decide if this script was written in Hollywood.
"Alvin Greene is a middle-aged man who lives in South Carolina. Green seems very simple-minded and has lived in the house his whole life, tending the garden, with virtually no contact with the outside world. His cultural and social education is derived entirely from what he watches on the television sets provided by the military, who raised him. When he is discharged from the Military, Greene is forced to leave his sheltered existence and discover the outside world for the first time."

Sound about right? It's the log line from Peter Sellers remarkably similar Being There, directed by Hal Ashby.

Here's the comparison - see for yourself:


Chance the Gardener: "I like to watch."

Alvin Greene
on why he first thought of running: "I just saw the country was in bad shape two years ago...the country was declining," he says. "I wanted to make sure we continue to go up on the right track."

Chance the Gardener:
[Riding in a car for the first time] "This is just like television, only you can see much further."

Alvin Greene
on how he got the Nomination: "I'm not concentrating on how I was elected--it's history. I'm the Democratic nominee--we need to get talking about America back to work, what's going on, in America."

Ron Steigler: Mr. Gardner, uh, my editors and I have been wondering if you would consider writing a book for us, something about your um, political philosophy, what do you say?
Chance the Gardener: I can't write.
Ron Steigler: Heh, heh, of course not, who can nowadays? Listen, I have trouble writing a postcard to my children. Look uhh, we can give you a six figure advance, I've provide you with the very best ghost-writer, proof-readers...
Chance the Gardener: I can't read.
Ron Steigler: Of course you can't! No one has the time! We, we glance at things, we watch television...
Chance the Gardener: I like to watch TV.
Ron Steigler: Oh, oh, oh sure you do. No one reads!

Alvin Greene on the Economy:
"Another thing we can do for jobs is make toys of me, especially for the holidays," he told a British newspaper, The Guardian. "Little dolls. Me. Like maybe little action dolls. Me in an Army uniform, Air Force uniform, and me in my suit."

Alvin Greene on rumors he's a Republicans plant: "No, no--no one approached me. This is my decision."

Now, watch both videos and decide for yourself:

Peter Sellers Being There trailer:

Sellers won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor -- Motion Picture for his performance in Being There.

I wonder what Alvin Greene is going to win? Stay tuned.

Here, watch the end of the movie, and you'll see how it turns out: