07/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Where in the World is George Bush?

So, i get it. He's a lame duck. He's in his final few months of his administration.

Wait!!! 7 months. SEVEN MONTHS.

What will happen to gas prices in 7 Months?

What will happen to the stock market in 7 Months?

What will happen to global warming in 7 Months?

What will happen in Iraq in 7 Months?

What will happen in Afghanistan in 7 Months?
Are we really willing to essentially allow our government to grind to a halt as the issue of the world become more pressing? For real people, paychecks are not covering rent, food, or gas as prices rise?

The two levers are Gas Prices and the Mortgage crisis. Neither of these situations are unexpected. They are both directly the results of administration's laze faire oversight of the sub-prime market and the US's reliance on oil. And of course, all of this is fueled by our crumbling relationship with the oil producing nations of the world.

In both cases, didn't his constitutes enjoy huge windfalls while the seeds were sown for an economic meltdown. This isn't an inevitability. This isn't an eventuality. This is the direct result of policies (or lack thereof) and an out of control handful of interests that have been given free reign for the past 8 years.

So, ok -- what will happen in the next 7 months for Americans?

- They'll be unable to heat their houses this winter
- They'll send their sons and daughters to die in Iraq in Afghanistan
- They'll lose their jobs
- They'll lose their homes
- They'll be forced to drop their health insurance
- They'll be unable to buy groceries.

Where is George Bush on this? He's talking about Global Warming (sort of ) he's thinking about his legacy. He's talking about AIDS in Africa.

Americans aren't thinking about the Bush legacy. That's really pretty much carved in stone. He'll be the president who started an ill-conceived war, ignored the military commanders on the ground, and inflamed America's enemies in the middle east with a military occupation. Screen "No End in Sight" if you want a truly chilling view of the scope of the mishandling of Iraq.

While we hold our breath, and tighten our belts, and wait for a change in leadership, candidates need to have some pretty dramatic ideas about how to change the economic conditions that voters face. They'll be bringing their fears and their dwindling paychecks to the polls this November, and they're going to vote their self-interests. For either candidate, a crisp vision for economic improvement is going to be essential to win American votes.