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Steve Young

Steve Young

Posted February 12, 2009 | 08:49 AM (EST)

O'Reilly Pummeled By Helen Thomas And The Grand Dame of Presidential Press Corp Didn't Even Have To Show Up

Hey Bill, sensitive much?

Oh, to be a FoxNews fly on the wall at the O'Reilly Factor preproduction meeting putting together Wednesday night's show.

Factor Producer: Let's see. We have the Stimulus Package being finalized. The president's press conference. Unemployment reaching critical mass. Banking CEOs testify in...

Bill: Helen Thomas!

FP: Bill, we covered her last night.

Bill: I'm not talking about covering her, damnnit! I'm talking how I was covered covering her!

FP: Bill, that's not news. That's opinion based on opinion. We can save that for one of the letters we write for you at the end of the show segment.

Bill: No! It's too important to the Folks.

FP: How about in Pinheads and Patriots? You could hammer the entire Far-Left, and slam GE all in one shot.

Bill: It's not a one shot issue. It's a whole show topic.

FP: Bill. You're going to look a little sensitive. How about if we tape it and you can see for yourself how...

Bill: No bleeping taping. We'll do it live!


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