07/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why O'Reilly Was Wrong and Bernie Was Right About Me...And Both Were Wrong About the Philadelphia Inquirer

"A far-left hatchetman, named (Steve) Young." Bill O'Reilly

"Real journalists, unlike Steve Young..." Bernie Goldberg

You don't need to read the entire quotes. You can watch it above. Suffice it to say Bill and Bernie felt my column in Tuesday's Philadelphia Inquirer and reprinted in HuffPo was a bit...unbalanced. Unlike what Bill says Fox News is.

Let me put this in perspective. I've appeared on The Factor more than once and I've had Bernie on my show in L.A. (on which he actually commended me for being a fair interviewer). Flaming lib maybe. But tell me how many far-left hatchetmen would write a column wishing for far-right's Rush Limbaugh's recovery as mine did, a piece that appeared in the far-left Washington Times and Jewish World Review. I've ripped Keith Olberman. I've even showed up as a guest of comrade Sean Hannity, at the Nixon Museum where the thousands of seeming Richard and Pat Nixon look-a-likes applauded my appearance. 2009-06-19-stevesean.jpg

Not exactly the executions of a hatchetman.

See, just like Bill does when he wants to show how balanced he is, he points out the moments and guests that show how he took both sides to task. Of course, just like I have, those moments fall into the thousand to one territory. Something Bill would never admit.

Bill's premise during the gang up on moi segment was to attack the Philadelphia Inquirer for going in the crapper because "on Fox you hear both sides but you don't hear both sides in the Philadelphia Inquirer."

Yep, Bill. Certainly the Inquirer's editorial staff that includes libs like Rick Santorum, John Yoo, Kevin Ferris and sometime O'Reilly fill in, Michael Smerconish, never screeds from the right. Neither do far leftists like Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg, who they often publish.

Bernie said that if I were a real journalist I would have seen that though many have read his book, only one who did was moved to murder a black guard at the Washington Holocaust Museum. Something to be proud of, Bernie.

Meanwhile, if O'Reilly The Journalist had done his real journalist due diligence he would have found out that his " don't hear both sides in the Philadelphia Inquirer" is an out and out lie.

On the other hand, Bernie was right. I've have never admitted to being a "real journalist," because I'm not.

And neither are Bill or Bernie.

Steve Young is the author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful," (, an award winning TV writer and blogs the appropriately-named