08/24/2010 09:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Okay, here's a heavy-handed analogy, followed by a brief quiz:

So, some guys burn a house down.

Then they walk away.

Another guy comes along, sees the charred remains and wants to rebuild. He tries to gather materials but is thwarted by the friends of the guys who burned the house down.

Having little choice, he tries to get money to buy materials from those same guys.

They take the money, give him some materials to rebuild, but when he tries to use them, they knock the materials out of his hands. He bends down to pick them up and they knock them out of his hands again.

Sometimes they trip him.

Sometimes they make up scary stories about him.

They force him to give time and energy towards things that make no sense instead of toward rebuilding the house they burned.

And they never really let him get started with the rebuilding of the house they burned down.

Question: is the whole thing the new guy's fault?

Answer: if you are a Republican, then yes.

It's perverse, isn't it? It's an approach that echoes the arguably impotent "Just say no" anti-drug campaign that squeezed its way out from under a big Republican's behind. It's a way to say "Hey! I'm taking action!" when, really, you aren't doing anything except making a loud noise.

In this case though, denying any culpability despite having committed the aforementioned fictional analogous act in broad daylight is the height of sociopathy.

That is, unless it's a tactic. In which case it is a premeditated strategy based on studies of power and human behavior which probably rival similar studies as researched by academics connected to historically oppressive political movements enamored with such a manipulative and disingenuous endgame.

It's weird that such insensitivities seem to regularly spring from the right wing's well. After a while, you'd have to think that the welfare of American citizens isn't something they're really interested in at all.

And there's other stuff, too.

Like allowing the fringe to swamp the middle and looking the other way as chaos replaces order. This is clearly delineated every single day in the deeds and words issued from the right wing (or the GOP and Fox News by extension. No, wait... the other way around. No, wait...)

Another broad analogy would be to say that they are basically committing a perpetual hit and run on America. They have decided that the old ways of playing by sets of rules that apply to all ideological persuasions are obsolete, that the purposeful alignment with forces which resist any regulatory mechanisms and that almost by definition will most certainly become juggernauts of instability may net the newly ruthless right wing sponsors a quick return.

Given what the world witnesses every day, that would seem to be a reasonably accurate description of Things Right Wing. For they have decided that there's gold in them there hicks. And by obstructing almost all attempts to rebuild the country which was purposely effed-up by their own dastardly deceptions, by owning the means to disseminate their misdirected messages of mayhem, by owning all the tools which would facilitate a steady and necessary recovery, they retain the right to taunt, torture and otherwise ruin whoever comes along to fix it.

The problem is that such an approach will just as certainly burn the ground out from under them and all the unknowing, unseeing enablers that comprise their fringe infantry.

And when their own house burns, will there be anyone to help them rebuild?