10/29/2010 01:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


False equivalents, false comparisons, false data, false reality.

Welcome to America -- Republican style.

It appears to make little to no difference what prevailing interpretations of scientifically gathered data, empirically based historical studies or previous interpretations of religious mythos would have upon the current mutation of right wing political thought and deed.

And perhaps, once again judging from their words and deeds, they have taken a far bolder, infinitely more esoteric leap than even most liberal thinkers, in realizing that, in spite of their agit-prop, quasi-conservative maxims to the contrary, there actually is no god, no possible good government and no need for moral boundaries of any kind.

Talk about progressive.

For, if they truly held the obverse of those beliefs, they would never advance the positions they do in the way that they do. They would engage in civil discourse instead of the grotesque displays of purposefully untethered rage; they would seek parity among the disenfranchised instead of siding with the forces of greed; they wouldn't flout normal people's fears of mortality and poverty and failure, exploiting weakness instead of seizing the opportunity that modern technology and respect for history affords them.

Oh, and they wouldn't step on heads.

Instead, they spread false premises, disseminate false information, create false enemies, pray to false idols.

If the Bible is anything, it is prescient on the subject of false prophets and on the consequences of embracing greed instead of one another.

Maybe they can't help what they are. Maybe after realizing how the world, science and human history regards them and their backward views they are declaring a kind of war on Truth.

Armed with technical know-how which empowers even the least efficient of seditionists along with unflinching faith in their dependably obsolete icons, they have highjacked the socio-political infrastructure which supported their domination at the hands of their declared enemies -- highjacked reality -- and re-imagined the past to justify their present madness and are indeed attempting to make off with the future.

Having literally bought almost all the mechanisms of democracy in order to facilitate this drive to recreate reality, having the media trumpeting their misinformation, having the highest court in the land rewrite The Constitution in its image, False is poised to become Real.

The truth, Oscar Wilde wrote, is rarely pure and never simple. In the world the Republicans would build, their truth would be just that.

And true to form, it would be false.

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