11/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Immediate Un-Gratification

It's characteristic of this generation of Americans to be either immediately gratified or just as immediately un-gratified. Those seemingly interminable moments between sound bytes actually used to provide opportunities to ponder information and parse the details therein in order to arrive at a considered conclusion.

But even with the overwhelming responsibility heaped upon a president of a major world power, especially a president whose intelligence and ability contrast greatly with his lower level contemporaries -- many of whom possess the social, political and moral authority of a common gerbil -- we will accept nothing less than full satisfaction even before the inaugural bouquets have withered in their vases.

Simply put, a nation which has had its system gutted by nefarious opportunists masquerading as patriotic Republicans or Christian crusaders can't heap unrealistic expectations upon Obama and treat his slow-by-today's-MTV-rapid-fire-style standards with the eye-rolling incredulity of a spoiled brat. Rome wasn't built in a 24 hour news cycle and mending the decimated post-Neo Con landscape won't be accomplished with the tap of an "enter" key.

Speaking specifically to Democrats (as any attempt to conduct a sane conversation with a Republican would be as much a time waster as trying to get John Boehner to apply sun screen), is there any practical reason to pelt the duly elected president (a novelty in itself) with constant streams of smug derision when the task he is facing would be just as daunting to an entire battalion of similarly qualified statesmen/women? It says just as much about his supporters' intellectual laziness as his detractors', having both become victims of an insatiable need for immediate gratification, casualties of our commercial-sodden culture which has bred a citizenry with no reverence for process or history, nor the resultant rewards.

This spells, if not doom, then a crippling impediment for any leader, no matter how progressive or able, and is just as ineffectual for modern society as religion or the hope that there will ever again be a decent sitcom. When America made the evolutionary leap to elect Obama to the highest office in the land after not so much rejecting the Bush Doctrine as letting it decompose into mulch, to then ensure disappointment by setting impossible standards is a colossally self-defeating act.

It's the thrill of victory and the agony of shooting one's self in da feet. (That was a stretch, I know, trying to shoehorn "feet" and "defeat". Hey! "Shoehorn"! Lookit! I'm a humorist!)

Forget the right wing psychos and tobacco juice dribbling heat-packing dickweeds. They are, despite the real danger they pose to the public welfare (which should at some point be dealt with as the roving gangs of unrepentant vandals they are), irrelevant to this country's future. Let the MSM continue to feature their nightly installments of "So You Think You Can Think?". The rest of the country needs a dose of reality and common sense and must understand the context in which Obama is attempting to effect profound and positive change.

Good things come to those who wait. It just might take longer than 9 months to repair 8 years.