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The Receptacle Wore Sensible Shoes

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Where is she today?

Why, there she is, Miss Almost Alaska, electrodes no doubt adhering to her pristine forehead, streams of memes and misinformation being electronically transmitted into Sarah's intelligently designed cortex. Cram, Sarah, cram! There's lots of room and little time!

Leaving no stone unturned, her redoubtable handlers have taken a page from Walt Disney (as George Bernard Shaw would have proved too threatening) and are prepping Palin the pernicious pretend pregnant pepper pot for her eventual confrontation with...PEOPLE. You know, those pesky, faceless vessels that would live and die under the vapid watch of born leaders such as she and her moth-eaten maverick. It's pretty insane how people will support even the least credible mouthpieces for positively proven failures in policy, in governance, in ideology, in leadership, in...well, all you have to do is name it and the Repubs have failed at it. Failed at everything except failing. And when your greatest success is failure, why be an agent for change? Aim low, lower, lower still and you will eventually hit pay dirt, which in this case is a beaten and demoralized citizenry, their potential squandered by lies and greed. And then it's a gusher.

Sarah P., the latest in a line of patsies who have become convinced that the best way to serve their nation is to remain as far from its reality as possible, is not really a student of life per se but has nonetheless risen to the heights of power and is become the GOP's latest and perhaps greatest creation. It's the same approach taken with most of their policies: remove any challenges which would build courage, any hurdles which would build character, any specialty borne out of an eagerness to learn about the universe, any mercy for the human condition. Remove them and demonize them. Out with the good air, in with the bad, until all that's there is static, the perfect environment for any simplistic, xenophobic ideology to take root; terrifyingly effective framing launched from partisan pulpits into the open skulls of its terrorized acolytes. She looks like the girl next door and with just a little more high-speed tutoring, she will be able to deflect even the most obviously fact-based arguments.

So, no Sarah today. Come on, turn it up to 11. She's almost there.