05/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

War of Choice: Part 2

If all those who oppose President Obama on any and everything that comes out of his presidency based not on the facts but solely on ideological bias, you squander the only real hope this country has.

For, to maintain America's relevance in an evolving world, America must embrace its sons.

To describe President Obama in any way which equates him with the low, inane betrayals currently emanating from a right wing is to finally acknowledge and openly embrace what the world has always known: your sustenance flows from toxic corporate interests which hate people, hate progress, hate truth.

It is that simple.

The opposition cannot use truth to refute this. They must, based on the desperate tenor and spittle-flecked ferocity of their vitriol, use terror to distract, misdirect and confuse. Because that is what the success of their agenda depends on.

Obama's agenda -- and the nation's -- depends on hope.

And so in the coming months and years, the real war (as opposed to the manufactured ones favored by the right wing) must be fully funded and furiously waged.

Because it is a war for truth. Armed with a successfully enacted program for progress and led by an articulate, capable and intelligent leader, the war for truth being waged against the corporate funded right wing hate machine and its ragged army of misinformed, terrified bigots will be won decisively.

The passing of health care reform, imperfect though it may be at this all important nascent stage, is the first step.