09/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Can We Do to Help?

We finally have a president who doesn't insult our intelligence but who of course inflames the contemptible, angry faction that seethes at the thought of a black president and a progressive agenda.

We are finally having a national discussion that reinvigorates intelligence and throws light upon ignorance.

We are once again gaining acceptance from the world's nations who value American leadership and global participation after enduring eight years of boneheaded triumphalism and just plain, destructive policy.

And the person we elected, who is so obviously capable, who has the education, the sense, the ability to lead our country away from the corrosive behavior it has engaged in for so many years, is having a hard time doing what he was elected to do.

And it's not just because he is up against an entrenched opposition which would rather get rich quick than live long and well. It's not just because he is having to clean up the gargantuan mess he inherited from his unscrupulous forerunners. And it's not just because he is one man against many who desperately hang onto an illusion of America instead of the reality of America®.

We have forgotten a key element to all of this, the key element to the preservation of our own liberty. We have forgotten to acknowledge that while we may feel all grown up in having elected this president and used our collective muscularity to ensure a that hope and change matter, we forgot one thing.


It's not enough to elect someone and trust that he, she or they will fix things while we continue on our merry, consuming way. It's not enough to feel we've matured and are now taking our democracy more seriously than we have for some time and, having said that, do no more.

Because a leader is nothing without the people who validate that leadership. And a movement is a myth without the people asking:

What can we do?

How can we help?

We are ready to rally, to confront the lies, to keep insanity at the margins rather than where the disloyal opposition would have it -- front and center. We see and hear what the elected leader, the person who so nobly articulated our own need for hope and change, wants.

But clearly, hope and change is not just one person, never was. It is all the people who voted for it. It is all the people who have had enough of the bullying and bullshit. The disloyal opposition talks about grassroots movements? That's what carnival barkers and their shills co-opt and bottle like snake oil to distribute at the highest prices to the hungry, slack-jawed public.

We are talking about the deepest and most basic human needs, finally articulated and attainable after so long. We are talking about the things this nation can finally achieve after two centuries of hard fought gains and retrograde pains.

"We" is the operative word.

And We know what we are up against.

And We hear the toxic deceptions coming the terminally wrong Right.

And We sense the fear and division even within ourselves and understand that the only way to exorcise the demons which plague the American psyche are to act and to act with one voice. The time is now and the place is here. So, Mr. President:

What can We do to help?